Help your clients save Tax and Boost their finances with TaxBoost

TaxBoost helps accountancy businesses be proactive, add real value to their clients and win new clients.

Key features to enhance your client’s finances.

Proactive Tax Savings

Proactive service – The software takes ‘being proactive’ to the next level and allows accountants to provide a truly proactive tax saving service to clients and prospects alike.

Logical approach – Users complete a series of questions from which the software generates tailored reports, action plans, guides for accountants, work orders and more.

Easy to use – The systemised approach and clear criteria make it very easy to use.

Tailored prices – The carefully crafted questions and support ensure fully bespoke reports and action plans tailored to each client’s circumstances.

Client buy in

Client facing – The software is designed to be used with clients, including them as a key part of the process.

Secure work quicker – The systemised approach guiding both the accountant and client, makes decisions easier and secures the valuable tax planning work quicker.

Instant agreement – The software will instantly generate a service agreement, and summaries, ensuring immediate sign up.

Simple and ever ready

Ready to use – The software is pre-populated with questions, descriptions and guidance based upon years of tax knowledge to allow you to instantly start using the software.

Easy to understand – The system is streamlined, and language kept simple to make it easy for anyone to use and understand. On top of which the guides help accountants understand and address the issues.

Accountants companion

Full guidance – The software includes technical guidance and fact find documents to assist accountants provide value to their clients, be truly proactive, and really help clients.

Accountants in control – All of the questions and documents can be edited by the accountant. The accountant can even add their own questions or exclude any they are uncomfortable with.

Accountants branding – The software allows accountants to brand the software and documents generated with their own logo and contact details

Full integration – For ProActivTax members the TaxBoost software also integrates with the ProActivTax delivery systems, and panel of tax experts allowing ProActivTax members to deliver exactly the services requested to a high standard everytime (see below).

Data and security

Secure – All data is fully encrypted before being communicated and stored securely on TaxBoost servers.

GDPR compliant – Data communication and storage conforms to GDPR regulations.


You can sign up and start using TaxBoost straight away.

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited proposals
  • There is no tie in period
  • Fixed monthly fee of £80.00 + VAT(£96.00) for software
Unlimited users;

Add all of your team and ensure they all proactively provide tax savings to clients.

Unlimited client reviews;

Create as many client reviews as you wish without limit.

Fixed monthly fee;

The software provides everything you need to be proactive with tax planning and add real value to clients.

No long tie in periods;

There is no minimum subscription period. You can cancel payments and access at any time. We hope you continue using TaxBoost because you are getting awesome results for your clients with it.

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